Violence and guns

During the last year of his presidency, President Barack Obama is hitting hard on stricter background checks for the purchase of any kind of guns – a rather modest appeal for reason.  As expected, the Republicans have twisted his executive order as an attempt to take away guns from our hands, an utterly mischievous lie. Therefore, as I have repeatedly suggested, it is time to delink any kind of “gun control” from lethal violence in American society; for it will always be politicized and will lead us into an endless quagmire of political grandstanding.  Rather, we should talk about the causes and consequences of murders and violence in American society from cultural, economic, and behavioral points of view; coupled with appeals by all concerned from the president down to the grass roots levels of movers and shakers to help understand the nature of violence among us and stop it through reason, communication and exhortation.  I believe this nonviolent approach to curb violence among us could easily garner support from all political spectra, including the Republicans, the gun owners, and even the NRA.

An appeal: If you have read this note, please make it your own and share it              with as many people as you can conveniently reach





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