Confronting ISIS

Bernie Sanders says ISIS reflects a problem within the soul of Islam! OK, then what?  HRC says let us impose a no-fly zone in Syria, which implies confronting not only the French sorties but also those flown by Russia. You kidding me, Ma’am? No-fly zone would have worked two years ago to stop Assad barrel-bombing his own people who were struggling to get rid of him.  So, let America and the other world powers get-together and ask the Saudi ruler to invite Muslim leaders from all over the world and ask them to ask ISIS to stop degrading Islam; stop committing atrocities in the name of Islam; and ask them what is there endgame, for they will never be able to establish a Caliphate in this day and age.  In other words if some reason could be injected in ISIS’ f….g brain, that would be something to help invoke the “soul of Islam.”





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