Police vs. People/People vs. Police

The situation unfolding with regard to the killing of black folks by police and the counter-offensive of killing policemen by some angry and misguided black folks is ugly, dangerous, counterintuitive and counterproductive.  The big question is how to stop this variety of violence, as well as the culture of violence that has gripped our communities and cities.  We can try and can solve this insidious problem by talking about it politically, socially and culturally in our homes, churches, schools, and at publicly through the mass media.   The contents of this communications should be to point out that “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind;” that violence is an act of cowardice;  and it does not solve, has never solved any problem or conflict.  If anything, it aggravates them.  Violence to “set scores” must stop before we can score any victories in war against injustice, hate, and bigotry.






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