Post-traumatic election, 2016

Dear Readers:

I have been off this blog for a long time.  Now is the time to get back to it, for a lot of water (or some kind of blood) had flown under the bridge since I wrote something here.  Elections are like games.  Someone wins, someone loses.   But the winner and the loser of this election is/was a different breed of politicians: The winner a total political nonentity, a loose canon, an “unguided missile”of one of a kind; the loser a consummate politico with vast experience but some baggage and lack of charismatic qualities.  So, my friends, here we are confronted with an unknown and in some ways scary future for America and the world in the age of the Trump.  Great Britain may no longer be so great after the Brexit fallout. France and Germany too confront unknown futures come next year’s election cycles there.  Let us brace ourselves to jump into this unknown political and social futures at home and abroad.  But at the same time let us not forget the words spoken more than one hundred and fifty years ago by a political sage and seers about the American state: “This government of the people, by the people, for the people will not perish from this earth.” Good luck!



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